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I create personalized, hassle-free Alaskan adventures that will change you forever!


I've been operating Chinook Tours ( out of Anchorage, Alaska since 1995. I help people and groups design their own Alaska dream vacations based on their passions, interests and available time and budget. I specialize in personalized adventures for people who prefer independent travel.

So leave your stressed life behind, get out of your crowded city and contact me to begin exploring exciting, new rejuvenating experiences in Alaska!

Alaska really is “the last frontier” and with a little help from me, you can explore it just the way you want to!


It's all about travel for me ... I grew up in Switzerland and I guess I got the travel bug from my grandfather. As a young man, he worked in England and the Ukraine before settling back in Switzerland. I started traveling in Europe with a bike trip in Switzerland. When I was 15 and 16, I explored Europe (Holland/Germany/Denmark & Sweden) by train. When I was 20, I traveled with a friend to Montreal and spent the next 9 months exploring the Americas all the way to Lima, Peru. Two years later, I returned for another 9 months in North America. After that it was time to get a job at the Swiss Student Travel Agency. Many more trips took me back to America (North & South) and I was also guiding trips from Vancouver, Canada up to Alaska. The Northwest was always fascinating to me because it offered something I couldn't find in Switzerland and my travels across the ocean far & wide: vast areas without a lot of people! For me it is something special when you float a river for three, four or even more days and never see another soul. The people you do find here are mostly very friendly and always helpful! Since 1994 I've call Anchorage my home town. But beware! If you visit Alaska, you might also get the "Northern Spell" and end up staying for good!